Fixed in position

Glulam products should be fixed in position as follows:

1) Glulam should be protected from extremes in weather conditions prior to the structure’s completion

2) Where members are cut, drilled, notched or otherwise have unprotected timber exposed during on-site fixing the sealed regions should be resealed to prevent moisture ingress

3) Rain can create dark stains from unprotected, ordinary steel. Where appropriate, rust proof fittings should be used

4) If prolonged exposure is likely during construction the contractor should provide additional surface protection

5) Where wrapping is used to protect members in situ the underside should be split to allow exit of moisture

6) Notching and rebating to tension & compression flanges of glulam members should be avoided. The designer should be consulted before such notching or rebating is carried out

7) For coatings to protect beams and posts that are permanently exposed to the elements, you must consult a coatings specialist

8) Where posts and beams come in contact with the ground H4 treatment should be specified. You must prevent any soil and debris build up at either end of posts and beams.